Special Purpose Machine

Special Purpose Machine

Dummy Pin Insertion Machine

Machine Data

Development of New concepts, Designs and solutions for peculiar Industrial Applications

With The help of the in - House R&D team, we have been able to continuously develop solutions for typical applications required in the industry

Our products are designed and manufactred by us only, hence, small tweaking can be done in design and software to accomodate processing of peculiar material.

With our DPI Machine, we have sucessfully displayed our ability to use robotics to achieve 'PICk AND PLACE' and 'INSERTION' operations!

Dummy Pin Insertion Machine (DPIM)


• Automatically Inserts DUmmy Pins as per pattern in an ECU (Connector)

• Machine has a Disc, Bowl Feeder and Linear Feeder

• Complete Concept to commissionong done by machine makers r.s..