High Speed Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine

High Speed Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine 'RAE-SER-1'

Wire cutting and stripping machines for a variety of wire range. Rae-ser 1 machine can process wires from 0.2 sq.mm to 8 sq.mm and Rae-ser 2 can cut and strip wires from 0.2 sq.mm to 16 sq.mm. Both the Cut and strip machines are made and designed in India and both the machines are equipped with high quality branded servo motors. These wire stripping machines can also remove the outer insulation i.e the jacket of multicore cables.

Specification tables of the machines

Type of wire 1. Multistrand single core wires and solid wires
2. Insulation material: PVC, Teflon(PTFF), glass fibre, silicone rubber
3. Wire material: Copper, Aluminium
Functions 1. Wire cutting
2. Insulation stripping
Number of wires that can be processed simultaneously 2
Max. wire size 8 sq.mm (for 2 wire)
Range of wire length 22mm-9999 mm
Max. stripping length (on both sides) 35 mm
Multiple wire patterns that can be selected Full stripping, Partial stripping, only single side stripping etc.
Machine modes Step mode, Test mode, Auto mode
Production speed 10000/hr (100mm wire)
7000/hr (500mm wire)
*For solid wires the machine may get de-rated