Cutting, Stripping & Crimping Machine

‘CRYSTAL 15' Cutting, Stripping & Crimping machine

Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping Twisting And Crimping Machine - Crystal 15

Machine Data

Type of machine Fully Automatic
Type of wire PVC insulated copper wires
Functions 1. Wire cutting
2. Insulation stripping
3. Chain terminals crimping
4. Copper strands twisting
5. Crimp Force Monitor(CFM)
Number of wires that can be processed simultaneously 4
Max. wire size 2.5
Range of wire length 60mm-9999 mm**
Max. stripping length (on both sides) 35 mm
Multiple wire patterns that can be selected Full stripping, Partial stripping, only single side stripping etc.
Machine modes 1. Step mode, Test mode, Auto mode
2. Cutting only, Cutting and stripping only, Cutting stripping and twisting only, Cutting stripping, crimping and twisting on other end
Production speed 5000/hr (100mm wire)
**Also for sizes outside the range, do contact us.