Twisting Machines

Harness Twisting machine HT-18

A Harness twister is now an important part of the automotive wire harness manufacturing plant. Harness twister is machine which can twist multiple wires into each other. Harness twisting machine manufactured by us in India comes in Aluminum tables and Stainless steel trays for wire collection.

Machine Data

Twisting pitch length 8 - 50mm
Wire cross sections 2 X 0.08 - 2 X 4.0 mm2
Length of open ends Adjustable from 25 - 80 mm *
Finised twisted length 200 to approx.4800 mm *
Electrical connection 230 V, 50/60 Hz.
Compressed air connection 4-6 Bar
Recipe (Pre-Saved data programs) Up to 500
* parameters can be adjusted as per customer requirement