Cutting / Stripping & Twisting Machines

Cutting / Stripping & Twisting Machines

Machine Data

Type of wire 1. Multistrand single core wires and solid wires
2. Insulation material: PVC, Teflon(PTFF), glass fibre, silicone rubber
3. Wire material: Copper, Aluminium
Functions 1. Wire cutting
2. Insulation stripping
3. Copper strands twisting
Number of wires that can be processed simultaneously 2
Max. wire size 1.5 (for 2 wire) with twisting
6 (for 2 wires) without twisting
10 (for 1 wire) without twisting
Range of wire length 22mm-9999 mm
Max. stripping length (on both sides) 35 mm
Max. stripping length (on both sides) 9 mm
Multiple wire patterns that can be selected Full stripping, Partial stripping, only single side stripping etc.
Machine modes Step mode, Test mode, Auto mode
Production speed 4000/hr (100mm wire) with twisting
10000/hr (100mm wire) without twisting
7000/hr (500mm wire) without twisting
*For solid wires the machine may get de-rated