• Cutting & Stripping machine for Battery Cables RAE-SER-11


    M/s ‘machine makers R.S.’ have developed and manufactured Cutting and Stripping machine (Model RAE-Ser 11) for Battery Cables. The machine is suitable for cables upto 50 sq mm cross-sections. It cuts the cable to accurate length and also removes insulation from both ends.

    RAE-Ser 11 uses a specially developed belt feeding system. It takes care of heavy frictional forces required for stripping thick cables.

    Machine is fitted with encoder to accurately measure the wire length

    It is available with Microprocessor controls as well as PC based Controls. A simple and smart Touch Panel with attractive Graphics is used for setting the length, target quantity, batch qty etc. It comes with in-built production counter, which indicates the number of cuts taken.

    RAE-SER-11 comes with a unique grip cum pull mechanism so unlike most imported machines it can cut & strip wires as small as 40 mm in length.

    The RAE-Ser 11 machines can cut cables of length from 40 mm to 9meters. It can strip upto 35mm from either side.

    Depending upon the length, the machine can process around 1200 wires per hour.

    Some basic features of the machine will be as follows :
    1. Wire length: 40 mm to 9 mtrs (in steps of 1 mm);
    2. Insulation stripping: 5 to 35 mm
    3. Machine will have cutting length tolerances as 0.3 % (but minimum 2 mm)
    4. Tolerance on stripping length will be 0.5mm
    5. The machine will be able to cut and strip at least 10 wires (of length 2m, strip length 12 mm each) per minute. (That is at least 600 wires per hour, or at least 7200 wires per 12 hours)

    The machine works on single-phase electric supply and 5 bar pneumatic supply.

    Special machines for other specific customer needs can also be developed by m/s ‘machine makers r.s.

    Salient Feature :-

    ∗ Machine controlled with PLC.
    ∗ Touch panel display having easy to use graphic interface
    ∗ Fully automatic machine. Setting is completely digitized and mostly automatic.
    ∗ Machines for both side stripping.
        (Can also do single side stripping and also only cutting).

    Performance Range

    Wire Cross section  Model RAE-Ser-11 : 10 mm2 to 50 mm2 (Contact us for sizes outside this range)
    Length Selection Standard range : 40 mm to 9 meters, in steps of 1mm; The range can be extended to get upto 25 meters
    Accuracy +/- 0.2% (min. +/-1.5 mm)
    End Stripping Upto 30 mm at both ends (subject to material friction) Partial as well as Complete stripping possible
    Multiple Wire Processing Can process 10 mm2 to 50 mm2 for wire with copper strand diameter of 0.5 mm max. For wires with bigger strands, the machine may get de-rated.
    Wire Types Single core with single or multiple strands / Flexible or rigid
    Max. Outside Diameter 14 mm (Conditions apply)
    Changeover setting time  3 to 5 min typically.

    Technical Data

    Machine Housing Machine housed in “Industrial” frame with Aluminium Profiles.
    Mechanical system Rugged machine with precision mechanical system
    Electronic system PLC and drives
    Wire feed system  2 Servo motors with 4 feed rollers, variable speed, encoder feedback.
    Cutting & Stripping system  V blade pair with Servo motor, variable speed and PLC controlled strokes
    Length Measurement system  Directly by Servo motor control with encoder feedback for better accuracy.
    Power  220V / 50 Hz, other options upon request
    Compressed air 5 to 7 bar, 70 to100 psi, 100 lpm (less than 1 hp)
    Dimensions 970mm X 770mm X 410mm(h)

    Production Speed* : Around 600 -1500 wires per hour.

    Voltage Servo-stabilizer (2 KVA) or CVT (1 KVA) is must, to be arranged by you. Proper earthing is essential.