• High Speed Wire Cutting, Stripping & Slitting machine ‘RAE-Ser-1’ + S


    ∗ This is basically a RAE-Ser-1 machine with slitting attachment.
    ∗ Machine suitable for Slitting & Stripping of Flat Ribbon Cables
        (PVC insulated Copper Wires)
    ∗ A separate applicator may be required for every different type of cable
    ∗ Slitting performance is greatly affected by Quality of wire
        (PVC Quality, Consistency of wire Dia)
    ∗ Compressed air supply is MUST to operate this machine.
    ∗ 2 applicators are supplied free with the machine.

    Salient Feature :-

    ∗ Machine controlled with PLC.
    ∗ Touch panel display having easy to use graphic interface
    ∗ Fully automatic machine. Setting is completely digitized and mostly automatic.
    ∗ Machines for both side stripping.
        (Can also do single side stripping and also only cutting).

    Performance Range

    Wire Size Upto 9 mm wide or 6 core ribbon (whichever less) (Contact us for sizes outside this range)
    Length Selection Standard range: 200 mm to 9 meters, in steps of 1mm;
    Accuracy +/- 0.2% (min. +/-1.5 mm)
    End Stripping Slitting upto 50 mm from both sides Stripping upto 8 mm on both sides
    Wire Types Single core with multiple strands (Flexible)
    Max. Outside Diameter 2.5 mm for slitting, 6 mm for cutting stripping
    Changeover setting time 5 to 15 min. typically.

    Technical Data

    Machine Housing Machine housed in “Industrial” frame with Aluminium Profiles. A separate attachment for slitting.
    Mechanical system Pneumatic slitting unit fitted on main machine. Rugged machine with precision mechanical system
    Electronic system PLC and drives
    Wire feed system  2 Servo motors with 4 feed rollers, variable speed
    Cutting & Stripping system V blade pair with Servo motor, variable speed and PLC controlled strokes
    Slitting System Pneumatically actuated. With individual slitting tools (applicator) for individual wire
    Length Measurement system Directly by Servo motor control
    Power 220V / 50 Hz, other options upon request
    Compressed air 5 to 7 bar, 70 to 100 psi, 100 lpm (less than 1 hp)
    Dimensions 500mm X 620mm X 335mm (h)

    Production Speed :

    * Processing speed between1000 to 1600 cables per hour

    Voltage Servo-stabilizer (2 KVA) or CVT (1 KVA) is must, to be arranged by you. Proper earthing is essential.